Masonic Model Student Assistance Program


The Masonic Model Student Assistance Program was developed to address the needs of students struggling with at-risk issues.  MMSAP is a research-based and effective response to the negative behaviors that interfere with the success of children and their school communities.  MMSAP involves experiential learning and group discussion along with presentations on such subjects as Chemical Dependency, Depression and Suicide, Conflict, Anger and Violence, Communication Skills and Intervention, Family Dynamics, Enabling, Life Skills Development, Treatment and Aftercare, and Group Process.  During the training, information is presented on Developmental Assets and the role that they play in a child’s life.

MMSAP is an intensive workshop for educators to learn how to identify, intervene with, and create appropriate referrals for students that may be at-risk for substance abuse, depression, suicide, or violence.  This workshop trains a Core Team of five to eight educators from a school building on how to intervene early and effectively with students that display patterns of behaviors that threaten their success at school.



Student Assistance Program Training Will:

  • Assist students with physical, emotional, social, or substance abuse problems.
  • Improve the quality of education in schools and the school environment.
  • Use existing human resources rather than require new professional staff.
  • Enlist the support and involvement of all professional staff members.
  • Focus on education rather than on resolving major social problems.


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Participating Schools Are Encouraged To:

  • Identify potential Core Team members including guidance counselors, classroom teachers (including special education) nurses, social workers, building administrators.
  • Schedule weekly one hour Core Team meetings.
  • Provide 3-7 hours of faculty inservice within the first year of program implementation.
  • Support from school superintendents and local service providers of mental health, drug & alcohol, and other community services.


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Schools that have Successfully Implemented and Maintained     MMSAP Core Team's Have:

  • Increased Attendance
  • Improved Academics
  • Decreased Behavior Problems
  • Increased Graduation Rates